Why do I have to pay for this treatment?

There are two ways to work on a treatment on our platform: via an invitation by a professional and via self-help.

If you were invited you will be able to work on a treatment free of charge, but if you started a treatment independently you will not. When you have started without an invitation from a professional, or when you have not accepted your professional's invitation you will encounter a payment step at a certain point.

A screenshot of the payment step you encounter when you are working on a selfhelp treatment. It shows the name and price of the treatment and the option to pay for it with iDeal. There are also Cancel and Next buttons.

If you want to work on a treatment independently via self-help you can buy the treatment. You will then have access to it indefinitely. We explain this process in the following article: Self-help

When you were invited by a health care professional you should not encounter a payment step. If you do anyway you can solve this problem in several ways.

Accepting your professional's invitation

When you have been invited by a professional but you haven't accepted the invitation yet, and you started with the treatment anyway, by logging in with a different email address than you were invited on for example, you will encounter a payment step at a certain point. In this case, the solution is simply to accept the invitation. There are several ways to do this which we explain here: Accepting an invitation

A screenshot of the notification you get when you are invited by a professional. It shows which treatments you were inviited for and by whom and buttons to Decline or Accept the invitation.

I have declined my professional's invitation

If you have declined your professional's invitation and you still want to get started with the treatment you can contact the Helpdesk. We can reopen the invitation for you. Please send us a message via info@therapieland.nl or info@gezondeboel.nl from the email address on which your account was registered and let us know what treatment you were invited for and, if you can, who sent the invitation.

Ask your professional to invite you

When you have started a treatment independently, because you thought it was interesting or useful, and when you are under treatment by a professional who works with our platform, you can ask this person to send you an invitation. When you accept that invitation you will be able to continue with the treatment free of charge.

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