Video Calls: Solutions

Whether video calling works properly depends on a couple of factors. Below is a list of the most common problems.

Preparations for video calls

You can prevent a lot of problems by using an up-to-date browser. Most commonly used browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari should all work fine. Browsers will usually update automatically on startup but you can manually check for updates as well in the browser's settings.

Testing the settings

Before you start a video call you have the possibility to test your settings. The invitation or confirmation email has a link to a hardware test with which you can test the settings of your camera and microphone. You can also click on the image below to start the test. 

Een schermafbeelding van de startpagina van de hardwaretest voor beeldbellen. Hiermee kun je testen of jouw camera en microfoon geschikt zijn. Er is een blauwe knop met de tekst Start de test.

No image and/or no sound

Click on Allow to give permission to the browser to use your microphone and your camera.

browser popup that says the website wants to use your camera and microphone. With block and allow buttons. 

When you have not given permission or when the browser can't get access you will see the following message: 

De melding die je krijgt als de toegang tot de camera of microfoon is geweigerd.

If you have given permission but still keep seeing this message, one of the following things could be causing this: 

  • Your camera is already in use in another program. Close all other programs that might have access to your camera.
  • Anti-virus software or another program is blocking access. You can check this in the settings of these programs. 
  • The camera itself has a problem. You can do a hardware test on our platform or through the camera app of your device itself.


When you do not have a stable network connection data will be sent out delayed and this can result in a choppy or lagging picture and sound.

Do the speedtest:

    • Go to and click on the 'go' button
    • Check the following numbers, if they are far from optimal this can result in an unstable connection.
      • PING ms: if this value is higher than 50 ms this can result in choppy or out-of-synch pictures or sound.
      • Download Mbps: the minimal value is 2 Mbps. The higher this number the better your connection is.
      • Upload Mbps: the minimal value is 2 Mbps. The higher this number the better your connection is.
When many people or devices are connected to the same network at the same time this can also cause network problems. Disconnect as many devices as possible when you are not using them. There will be more bandwidth left for your video calls.

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