Can I continue to work on a treatment after my sessions have finished?

Yes you can. After your sessions with your professional have finished you keep access to the treatments you were invited for. You can keep logging in to the platform and continue to work on treatments or reread the information.

When your sessions have finished your professional can archive the care plan that contains your treatments. The professional won't have access to your assignments anymore and you won't be able to send eachother messages any longer. The first time you log in after your professional has archived the care plan you will get a notification that Therapieland or Gezondeboel will now manage your data. If you do not want this you can click on 'Delete´. We will then delete your account and all data connected to it. This does mean that you can no longer log in and that you no longer have access to the treatments you were invited for.

A screenshot of the notification you get after a professional has archived your care plan. The text says Hi, we need your permission to continue and further on is explained what will happen to your data when you agree to the terms. There are buttons with the text Continue and Delete as well.

Privacy statement

When you would like to know more about what kind of data we store about you and what we do with it we would like to point you to the privacy statement on our website:

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