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Treatments - user guides for professionals

On the Treatments page you can browse through available treatments. You can also add a treatment to a care plan from here.


Filtering and searching

By checking the box for a certain target group you will only see those treatments that are suitable for that specific group. You can also search for treatments by name. Type the name of the treatment you are looking for into the search bar and press enter.

A screenshot of the treatments page with the text Target group: and checkboxes with the labels Children, Youth and Adults.

Viewing treatment content

When you have selected a treatment you will see an overview of important information about it. If you want to see the content of a certain treatment you can click on Content. You can expand the sessions one by one by clicking on the arrows or all at once by clicking on Expand all. When you click on a step (‘Welcome' for example') the videos and exercises will appear. 

A screenshot showing part of the content page of the Balance treatment. The titles of the first three steps are visible: Welcome, Balance and Goals.

Outside package

You can only invite clients for treatments that are in your organisations package. Treatments that are not in your package will show a price tag instead of a plus symbol and if you hover over them with your mouse a message pops up saying Outside package. It is possible to add these treatments to your package for a fixed amount per professional and per year. Please contact your customer success manager for this or send us a request through this form.

A screenshot of a treatment from the list that has the label Outside package.

Adding a treatment to a care plan

  • Click on the plus symbol of the treatment you want to add
  • Type the name of the client into the search bar and press enter.
  • Select the client.
  • Click on Add.

User Guides for Professionals

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