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Questionnaires - user guides for professionals

On this page you can find all available questionnaires. You can send a questionnaire to a new client or add one to an existing care plan. It is not possible to view the content of a questionnaire from the portal before sending it. 

Sending a questionnaire to a new client

To be able to send a questionnaire to a new client you first have to add a new client and create a care plan. You can do this on the Clients page.

At step 2 you can select a questionnaire from the list. To search for a questionnaire you type the name of it into the search form and click on enter to start the search. 

A select list with the names of two questionnaires.

Select the questionnaire you want to send and then click on the blue button "Send Invitation" in the column on the right-hand side of the page to send out the invitation.

Changing the date or scheduling a recurrence

A questionnaire will sent out automatically on the current date. You can manually change this to a date in the future. It is also possible to schedule a recurrence for a certain questionnaire. You can do this by clicking on the three dots next to the name of the questionnaire in the column on the right-hand side of the page. 

A rectangular field with the name of a questionnaire and a date. Next to the name is an icon consisting of three dots vertically aligned.

Next, click on "Edit". A separate screen will open in which you can change the date on which the questionnaire should be sent out. 

With the "Schedule a recurrence" button you can add extra dates on which the questionnaire should be sent out as well. 

A form with several date field and a schedule a recurrence button.

Adding a questionnaire to an existing care plan

  • Click on Clients.
  • Select the relevant client.
  • Click on Add more to care plan.
  • Select All questionnaires.
  • Select one or more questionnaires.
  • Scroll down and click on the Add button.

Filling out a questionnaire

Your client will receive an email with an invitation to fill out the questionnaire. When they click on the button in the email they will be redirected to the questionnaire. They will see a short introduction and can start filling out the questionnaire after that.


Tip: A client can pause the questionnaire. Progress will be saved when you navigate to the next page. The client can continue filling out the questionnaire at a later moment via the same link in the email. When the questionnaire only has one page pausing it will not be possible.

A screenshot of an invitation email that was sent to a client. The text says: Hi! You've got an invitation to Therapieland! From:. You are invited to work on 2 treatments. There is a blue button with the text See invitation.

Questionnaire to be filled out by an informant

Some questionnaires will have to be filled out by an informant, such as a parent, a partner or a teacher, about the client. This person will receive an invitation like the one described above for the client. Informants also need an account and accept your invitation before they fill out the questionnaire, otherwise you won't be able to see the results.
Clients will not be informed that an informant has been invited to fill out a questionnaire about them. If you would like your client to know we advise you to discuss it with them beforehand.

Viewing the result

When a person has filled out a questionnaire you will receive a notification, if you have notifications switched on. Click on the link in the email or go to the Clients page and select the relevant client, then look up the questionnaire in the care plan. It will show the date on which the questionnaire was completed and a button saying 'Review'. Click on that button to view the results. 

A screenshot of a filled out questionnaire in a care plan. It shows the name of the questionnaire, the date it was completed on and a blue button with the text Review.

Clients will not be able to see the results of questionnaires they have filled out. The results are only visible for the professionals connected to the care plan. If a questionnaire is in Dutch the results will also be shown in Dutch. It is not possible to change the language of the results to English here, even if you have English selected as the language for the platform.

Norm groups

When norm groups are available you have to select one first before you can see the results. Click on Normgroepen to open a dropdown menu and select one of the norm groups by clicking on the name of it in the column on the right. You can switch between norm groups at any moment and filter out certain norm groups with the checkboxes in the column of the left. Some questionnaires do not have norm groups, in that case results will be shown immediately.

A screenshot with an example of normgroups that you can select.


Beneath the summary of the results you will see some dimensions in circle diagrams. When a questionnaire has been filled out multiple times a chart showing the progress over time will be available here. Click on Toon voortgangsgrafiek to open this progress chart. Results of follow-ups will become available automatically here.


At the bottom of the page you can find all the questions from the questionnaire and the answers the client has given.


You can also navigate to a questionnaire directly from the Clients page by clicking on the questionnaire icon next to the name of the client. If there are more than five treatments or questionnaires in the care plan only the first four will be shown here and you might not see the questionnaire icon.

Downloading the results

You can download the results directly from the results page. Another option is to export the entire care plan. This will create a zip file containing the results of the questionnaires. You can save the questionnaires you need from the zip file folder. More information about downloading the dossier can be found in this article: How to download the dossier - for Professionals 

User Guides for Professionals

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